General Class Information:

  • Very small class sizes!  Choose to take a private class just for you or a semi-private class on the online calendar for only 2 people per class.  Small groups allow for a more personal, enjoyable experience, in which you can feel comfortable to ask all of your questions and then go home ready to try out your new skill!  

  • Available every day of the week!  Set up a private class any day of the week at a time that works best for you or book a slot in an available class on the online calendar.

  • 100% hands-on!  Make the products yourself; you won't watch, you'll do.

  • Customize your products!   I supply the ingredients & you choose the rest.

  • Bring nothing!  Everything is provided in the class, as well as snacks & tea, with NO extra materials fee.

  • It's all in the details!  Take home a thorough, detailed instructional handout with recipes, ingredients, materials list & suppliers.

Beeswax Candle Making Class (1 hour & 45 minutes)

This hands-on class is for those who want to learn how to make candles using the most natural & safest wax.  Beeswax is highly prized as a long-lasting, clean-burning wax.  It is 100% natural, produced by bees and requires next-to-no processing, making it much safer than chemical-ridden paraffin (the most common wax used in candles) and genetically-modified soy (which is not as good of a wax as you might think).  No fragrance or color are added in the class, and we will discuss why I choose to not add these, but we can talk about how you could do it at home.

In this class, you will:

  • Make 2-3 candles (about 8 oz.) with natural, yellow &/or white beeswax in the silicone molds (e.g. flower, heart; pillar, stand-alone candles) &/or decorative containers of your choice (e.g. glass, ceramic); washi tape can be added to containers as a decoration
  • Learn how to make pillar, stand-alone candles vs. container candles
  • Learn how to choose the correct wick size, using a wick-sizing chart, and how to prime the wicks
  • Learn how to reuse the molds/containers, after burning your candles at home (nothing gets wasted!) 
  • Learn the benefits of using beeswax instead of other waxes (e.g. paraffin, soy)
  • Learn why I don’t add fragrances & color and what is a much safer & cheaper alternative for scenting your home
  • Learn how bees make beeswax, why color can vary, interesting beeswax history & information
  • Go home with not only your candles, but also a thorough, detailed instructional handout, including the information mentioned above, along with a wick-sizing chart, step-by-step instructions, a list of materials/equipment & online suppliers, and decorating ideas 

Find out how amazing bees & their beeswax are!  Everything is provided in the class, as well as some snacks & tea.

Natural lotion (+$35), face/body wash (+$30), bath bombs/fizzies (+$25) & lip balm (+$20) can be added on to any class; each adds about 30-90 minutes, depending on the product.  Each product can be customized with the ingredients of your choice, based on your fragrance preference &/or skin-care needs.

Class Cost & Discounts:

Private Class: $80; contact Lindsay to set up your class at a time that works for you

- For a class by yourself

- If there are 2 or more in your party (pay the semi-private price)

- If you want to make 3 or more products in 1 class (get a discount too)

Semi-private Class on the Online Calendar: $50/person (2 people per class)

- For those who want to book a class on the online calendar and pay online

-Possible Add-ons:

Natural lotion add-on: $35/person (make 4 fl oz)

Face/body wash add-on: $30/person (make 4 fl oz)

Bath bomb/fizzy add-on: $25/person (make 6 bath bombs)

Lip balm add-on: $20/person (make 5 tubes)