Natural Lotion Making Class

(1.5-2 hours)

This hands-on class is for those who want to learn how to make & customize their own lotion and stop buying commercial, store-bought lotions that are laden with chemicals, toxins and alcohol.  Natural lotion is made with natural oils, butters & other skin-nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, floral waters and colloidal oatmeal; there are no chemicals and nothing that will dry out your skin, so you only need to use a small amount to fully moisturize.  You will notice that your skin will become softer & more moisturized by switching to natural lotion.

We'll cover the following: 

  • The differences between commercial, store-bought lotions & natural, homemade ones, including why certain chemicals are added to the commercial products

  • The different types of natural lotions (body butters, salves, balms & creams) and their pros & cons

  • The different types of preservatives, why they are needed, how to choose the right ones for your products & how to work with them properly

  • The materials needed & where to get them (I provide a suppliers' list as part of the class handout)

  • The basic lotion recipe and how to adjust it based on your personal preferences (the texture or consistency: e.g. how light or heavy the lotion feels); learn how to adjust the basic recipe to make a hair conditioner, bug-repellent lotion or face/body wash

  • How to safely work with essential oils & avoid phototoxicity, which occurs when UV rays interact with a substance you've applied on your skin, resulting in a bad sunburn, blistering, premature aging and can increase the risk of skin cancer

  • Making & customizing your lotion (4 oz; what I call water-based lotion) with the ingredients that work best for your skin type (a variety of ingredients are provided like jojoba oil for sensitive skin, rose water for inflamed skin, shea butter for dry/damaged skin, coconut oil for eczema, colloidal oatmeal for dry, itchy skin, etc.; add your own fragrance brought from home*)

  • Suppliers for small quantities of & bulk ingredients and equipment/materials

Important Notes:

  • Go home with not only the lotion you’ve made, but also an informational, ingredient chart used to customize your lotion based on your skin-care needs + a thorough, detailed instructional handout, including all of the information that we'll cover & a list of online suppliers (emailed as PDFs after the class).

  • Everything is provided in the class, as well as some snacks & tea.  However, fragrances are no longer offered because continual exposure causes the teacher allergies, but feel free to bring your own fragrances to class to add to your lotion.

Class Cost:

  • 1 student: $60

  • 2 students: $45/person

  • Discounts are available for taking 2 or more classes/add-ons & for classes of 3-6 students.

  • Every class is a private class, scheduled for when you prefer. Contact Lindsay to book your class.

Class Add-ons (click on a product below for more information):

General Class Information:

  • Very small class sizes!  Classes are for up to 2 per class (contact Lindsay if there are more than 2 in your party).  You can feel comfortable to ask all of your questions and then go home ready to try out your new skill!  

  • Available every day of the week!  Lindsay offers very flexible scheduling; simply use the contact form to set up your class.

  • 100% hands-on!  Make the products yourself; you won't watch, you'll do.

  • Customize your products!   I supply the recipes & ingredients, and you choose which work best for you.

  • Bring nothing!  Everything is provided in the class (except fragrances), as well as snacks & tea.

  • It's all in the details!  Take home a thorough, detailed instructional handout with recipes, ingredients, materials list, suppliers & more.

  • Go home with a starter kit!  If you'd like to continue your new hobby right away, I offer all of the ingredients for sale, and I buy everything in bulk and can offer very cheap prices to help get you started.  Sometimes it's tough to wait for your ingredients to arrive in the mail!