All Bar (Cold & Hot Process) & Liquid Soap Classes

If you’re new to soap making, it can seem a bit overwhelming even with all of the online resources available and sometimes they make it even more confusing!  So these hands-on classes are designed to break down & explain in an organized way how to make bar or liquid soap, so you go home feeling confident & comfortable to try out your new skill!

2 students booking a class together get 15% off: when purchasing use code SALE15

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*Everything is provided in the class, as well as some snacks & tea. However, fragrances are no longer offered due to allergies, but feel free to bring your own fragrances to add to your soap.

**You must wear closed-toe shoes, a long-sleeved shirt & pants to this class. Safely First! Since lye is used, you will be provided the best safety equipment. A common question: is lye necessary for soap making? Yes! …Learn why in the class. My goal is for you to understand what lye is, how to handle & respect it, not fear it!

***Formulating a balanced recipe is the most important & often hardest part of soap making, so my goal is for you to go home feeling very capable & comfortable with the intricacies of the soap calculator.

^With a 1-student minimum, if you’re the only one to sign up, then you just get all of the attention! Discounts are available for 2 or more class add-ons & for classes of 3-6 students. Contact Lindsay for pricing & scheduling.

^^ The exact same recipes are used to make both cold & hot process soap, but the method of making them is different: hot process is “cooked,” takes longer to make and it is a thick, gel-like paste, making it tough to work with colorants, whereas cold process is thinner, creamier & easier for working with additives (most natural soap businesses make cold process soap). The main reason to make hot process soap is there is no cure time and you can use it right away. Cold process has to cure for at least 2 weeks before use.

^^^Liquid soap making can be combined with any 3 to 4-hr soap making class for $40/person + about 1 - 1.5 hours extra.

Lindsay will get back to you soon!