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I took Lindsay’s Cold Soap Making Process Class and Lotion Bar Class online a couple weeks ago and they were both amazing! Lindsay is super enthusiastic during class and extremely helpful. She would stop if I had a question and made sure I was comfortable with each explanation before she moved onto the next topic. I learned a lot from her in the 5 hours class I took with her. She is extremely knowledgeable on the these subjects. I was able to see the cold process soap making on FaceTime as well as the lotion bar making. She has even given me more information via email after class that we had discussed! A complete sweetheart! I wish I could have taken it in person instead of online so I could meet her in person. Highly recommend taking her classes! Thanks Lindsay!
— Alessandra, Online Class: 4-hr Cold Process Soap Making I & II + Lotion Bars (8/22/19)
I had the pleasure of taking the 2 day online class with Lindsay. I was skeptical at first. I was not sure how taking the class online was going to go but I learned way more than I thought I would. Lindsay has the sweetest heart and she will not move on to a new product until she has answered every single one of your questions. She was amazing. There was not just one thing that I liked best about the class. Lindsay put so much love into everything that she do that I was amazed the whole class. She simplify the process for you so when you are done taking her class you feel well equipped to be successful. Take her class! It is well worth it.
— Jessica from Hawaii, Online 2-Day Everything Course (8/30/19)
Online Classes, Private & Customizable
  • Exactly the same as Lindsay’s in-person classes, meaning we cover the same information and use the same detailed, informational handouts & recipes, with the only difference being that you can watch me make the product(s) (as a demonstration) or you can make the product(s) with me at the same time.

  • Through Skype or FaceTime, this is a private session that can be customized to you & scheduled for when you prefer. 

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I loved, loved, loved the lotion making and body butter class! I didn’t know what to expect from either classes but I was not disappointed. The body butter class was great! I have made several attempts at making my own body butter and I was not pleased with the outcome. The direction I received from Lindsay showed me how to make a much smoother and creamier blend for my skin. For a while, I was interested in making my own lotion but I wasn’t sure that I would like the results. The class showed me how to make a refreshing lotion that I really like. What I like most about the classes, is that I walked away with lotion and body butter that I used immediately. She was well informed about many aspects of the process. As a novice to lotion making, I learned a lot of new information about the process, essential oils, and the different kinds of oils and butters. She was really nice and open to any questions that I had. I look forward to taking more classes soon!
— Ericka from Chicago, Lotion & Whipped Body Butter Online Class (4/17/19)
Thank you again for your guidance, for sending me all the information, you are amazing :) ...I am very excited to try all these recipes! Will send you some pictures :) Thanks again for your fun classes!”
— Oksana from L.A, Online Classes: Liquid Soap, Advanced Cold Process Soap, Lip Balm, Lotion, Body Butter, Face Mask, Scrub & Serum (Jan/Feb 2019)
We opened a soap business a year ago and we were struggling to find the right recipe but we ended up halving more issues and we didn’t know how to solve it until we found Lindsay. My partner and I took a cold process soap class with her, she was so helpful, patient and most importantly very clear with the teaching. And she answered all our questions. She showed us how to use the soap calculator and the Benefit of each ingredients. Her handouts were full of details with all the information that you need from the online supplies, soap recipes and much more. I highly recommend taking classes with her and we decided to take more classes in the near future. Thank you Lindsay for your care and support.
— Bertha & Coco from Southern California, Online Class: 4-hr Cold Process Soap Making I & II (9/7/19)

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