Online Classes, Private & Customizable

- This option is typically for students who do not live in the Monterey, CA Area. 

- Through Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime, you can have a private session that can be customized by you. 

- This can be a demonstration class (I show you how to make the product)


you can choose to make the product in your home with me as your online guide (you would have to buy the materials & ingredients ahead of time, and I would provide this information). 

- We will cover the same topics as in my in-person classes, and the same class handouts will be used & emailed to you ahead of time.

- Learn how to make the following (click on a product for more information about making that product):

Class Cost & Discounts:

- $60/hour

- 2 students max per class (take by yourself or with a friend)

- Cost is calculated based on the typical class time, which is listed above with each product. 

- If the class takes less time than predicted, you will be refunded at $60/hour (for example, beginner's cold process soap making usually takes 3 hours or $180, but if it only takes 2.5 hours, then you will receive a $30 refund for the 30 minutes less).

- Discounts are available for those who want to make 3 or more products in 1 class.  

- Contact Lindsay to set up your class.