What Are Lindsay's Students Up To?

I love to share my students' work from businesses they have created to homemade experiments. 

TruCure Full Spectrum CBD

Rob took a soap class with me and I’m so glad he later thought of me to help him create a CBD cream & his customers love it! He has a very informative website with CBD oils, creams, salves, lip balm, gel caps & even CBD oil for pets!

Visit his website: TruCure

Ericka Pic Lotion.jpg

Purposeful-E Made

Follow Ericka on Instagram (purposefulemade)! She offers body butters, lotions & skin-repair creams with all-natural ingredients! In Chicago on 9/21/19, she will debut her newest lotion at a Vendor Event!

Desiree's Organic Handmade Soap

She uses the cold process method to make her organic handmade soap, using skin loving oils and butters plus therapeutic essential oils and beneficial ingredients like dead sea mud and french green clay.

Visit her website: HAUTBath


Becky & Her Daughter's Creations

After class, Becky taught her daughter soap making. They used lard & goat's milk as their base and made many batches with various additives:
- Lavender + lavender buds
- Sweet Orange + orange peel
- Coffee
- Bentonite Clay
- Charcoal + Tea Tree Oil
- Honey + Oats

Iris' Handmade Jewelry

She makes handmade enamel jewelry in her studio in the Mission in San Francisco. She gains inspiration from her many travels and adventures living abroad, nature, textile patterns and geometric shapes.

Visit her website: Iris Willow Jewelry

Homemade Soap by Marietta

She is trying to turn her new hobby into a small business!  She has made soap for the Holidays (the gingerbread men soaps are so cute!), beer soap and soap designed for sensitive & dry skin.

Visit her Facebook page: @ChasingOurJoy

Suzanne's Candles & Soap

She made layered white & yellow natural beeswax candles in class, and after our soap making class, she made soap with eucalyptus essential oil, poppy seeds and jasmine flowers + a whole bunch more!  Aren't they beautiful?!

Suzanne said...Thank you so much. I owe my new love of soap making to you, thank you for taking the time to create a class and teach this art, I absolutely love it. 

The Indigo Healer

Monica has an incredible story of finding & embracing herself and then sharing it with others through Healing Sessions and Reiki and Crystal-charged products.

She uses her powerful gifts of alchemy, mastery of Reiki, expertise in crystal healing, and her personal inner wisdom to work with you to regain their true power and essence.

Reiki Master, Monica Mejorado founded the Indigo Healer’s “Chakra Alchemy” line based off of her daily work with energy in her patients.  Each product is handmade with intention and love, based off of her mastery of crystal healing, gifts of alchemy, and experience — helping you to attune to certain energy fields.  We source all natural ingredients, gifts straight from Mother Earth. 

Her mission is to be a part of your path to reconnecting you with your most powerful and authentic self. 

Visit her website: The Indigo Healer

Joan's Soap Studio

She got straight to soap making & setting up her soap studio right after her first class, Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making, and has done even more since taking Advanced Cold Process Soap Making.  Look what she has accomplished - what gorgeous soaps!!  They are made with Fair Trade Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil & Castor Oil. They are chemically free from preservatives and palm & canola oil free. She already owns her own restaurant, Starling Diner, in Belmont Heights, and still finds the time to make amazing soap! 

Now she has created her own soap making business & just launched her new website: WaterandFoam!


Arnette's Cold Process Soap Business

Her first batch after taking my Beginner's Cold & Hot Process Soap Workshop was a "Facial, Acne and Eczema Bar with Goat Milk, Colloidal Oatmeal, Activated Charcoal, Turmeric and Vitamin E. Scented with Tea Tree EO, Lavender EO and Bergamot EO!"  Her son said they looked like chocolate & peanut butter fudge :)  She loves soap making and soon went on to create more batches of cold process soap.  She has now revealed her Beach Linen swirled soap and...

Now she has created her own soap making business & just launched her Etsy site: SoapySoapsAndSuchUS!

Cassie's Cold Process Soap Experiments

Her first batch after taking my Beginner's Cold & Hot Process Soap Workshop was this blue-swirled beauty with shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil and almond oil +  mica powder and bergamot essential oil.  She did a great job swirling!  Also, Cassie has converted her linen closet into a soap-curing station!  :)