My goal is to not only give you an experience that is personal & fun, but also thorough & educational.  You will go home with products you've made & customized + a solid foundation that you can build upon.

My experience with Lindsay’s soap making class was probably the best think I could have done for myself this year. It’s beyond informative. My favorite part was not only making products but getting the time to sit down and learn the science behind everything. I received way more information than I could have imagined. Lindsay was extremely patient and wanted to make sure I understood everything and I am so grateful for that. She is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met! Thanks for helping me put my best foot forward toward my journey!
— Tannera, 3-hr Cold Process Soap Making I + 3 Add-ons: Body Butter, Scrub & Mask (9/15/19)
I had a blast at your class. Thank you for all the handouts and information! I had so much fun and am so excited to make more soaps!
— Erin, 4-hr Cold Process Soap Making I & II Class (June 2019)

Review from Daryl & Penny 4/25/2019

3-hr Cold Process Soap Making I Class

1. How was your experience?  Was the class what you expected?
Very good, we found Lindsay very easy to understand (we are from Hong Kong). She went over the theory part which was very informative and important to understand the soap making process. Penny had many questions, and Lindsay was very kind to answer all of them.

2. What did you like best about the class?
"Penny's favorite part of the class was Lindsay going through the whole process with us 1-on-1. Daryl's favorite part of the class is seeing how passionate Lindsay is when she talks about soap making."

3. What did you like least about the class?  What would you change about the class?
I think the booklet could use more photos/illustrations to help people with zero-experience in soap making. However my feedback might be a bit too specific, as I am a graphic designer and I know NOTHING about soap making haha. If you're interested in help with this, let me know. I've made branding guidelines for a SF craft beer company and a product catalog booklets in the past year.

From Lindsay: I've actually thought about putting pictures in the handout, so thank you for mentioning that and for offering your expertise.  I agree that that would help new soap makers.  When I put something together, I'll send you two a copy to see what you think.

4. Did you learn anything new?  Was it informative?
Penny found it very informative even though she's already read articles about soap making. I enjoyed the soap making part of the class. I hated science in high school (that's why I became a designer), but this was a fun science class for me. It's good to know about the different uses of animal fats (poor ducks, chicken and pigs...) and what Lye could be used for.

5. Anything else you'd like to let others know about the class?
Penny: highly recommended because the teacher is very nice. I felt she really knows everything there is, and her confidence made me confident. Lindsay is very good at explaining things and instructing us during the class.

Thank you again for your guidance, for sending me all the information, you are amazing :) ...I am very excited to try all these recipes! Will send you some pictures :) Thanks again for your fun classes!
— Oksana, Online Classes: Liquid Soap, Advanced Cold Process Soap, Lip Balm, Lotion, Body Butter, Face Mask, Scrub & Serum (Jan/Feb 2019)
I recently took several classes offered by Lindsay. She is very knowledgeable in her craft and a good teacher. I learned so much! I came away from your class feeling confident in the process. I’m so excited to start making soap and lotions. I look forward to taking more classes in the future. Thank you!
— Theresa, 2-Day Everything Course (Dec 2018)
I did a first batch of cream. It came out well. I’m super excited...You inspired me! I now have a list of things I want to learn.
— Courtney, Private Bar & Liquid Soap, Lotion & Candle Making Class (Dec 2018)
I loved, loved, loved the lotion making and body butter class! I didn’t know what to expect from either classes but I was not disappointed. The body butter class was great! I have made several attempts at making my own body butter and I was not pleased with the outcome. The direction I received from Lindsay showed me how to make a much smoother and creamier blend for my skin. For a while, I was interested in making my own lotion but I wasn’t sure that I would like the results. The class showed me how to make a refreshing lotion that I really like. What I like most about the classes, is that I walked away with lotion and body butter that I used immediately. She was well informed about many aspects of the process. As a novice to lotion making, I learned a lot of new information about the process, essential oils, and the different kinds of oils and butters. She was really nice and open to any questions that I had. I look forward to taking more classes soon!
— Ericka, Online Class: Lotion & Whipped Body Butter (4/17/19)

Review from Eunice & Jason 11/12/2018

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class

I highly recommend taking Lindsay's class! My fiance and I took this class over the weekend, and it was very enjoyable. I've been wanting to learn to make cold processed soap for a while and found online resources overwhelming because there's so many recipes out there. However, Lindsay broke it down and make it super easy to learn! She started the class teaching us the chemistry behind saponification. I really appreciated her attention to detail and how she catered the class to fit our interests. The class was very well organized, and she provided everything from snacks and materials to extra resources for making soap on your own. She explains every thing and answers all of your questions. I feel confident about making soap now! Thank you Lindsay :)

Eunice Jason pic 6.jpg
With Adam and Apple.JPG

Review from 8/18/2018

- Beginner's Cold & Hot Process Soap Workshop

We were so anxious to attend your class and ended up having a fun time, thank you so much for walking us through the soap making process. You are a fantastic teacher with wonderful patience and explained each step perfectly.

We had a great experience. Soap making is something we had little knowledge of walking in, but after just a few hours of Lindsay's class we left feeling very informed of the saponification process!

You were very knowledgeable and informative anytime we had questions or needed clarification.  

We couldn't imagine experiencing a better introduction to soap making than the class Lindsay taught! It was a perfect introduction to beginners such as ourselves.

Review from Natasha & Cecilia on 5/23/2018

- Beginner's & Advanced Cold Process Soap Workshop + Candle Making Add-on

1. How was your experience?  Was the class what you expected? The class was very enjoyable and more than I expected. 

2. What did you like best about the class? The information provided was detailed and well organized. 

3. What did you like least about the class?  What would you change about the class? I don't think I would change anything about the class. The class was very small and I was able to ask questions and didn't feel rushed in any way. 

4. Did you learn anything new?  I learned how soapcalc works and understand how to make a quality soap recipe.  Was it informative? The class provided a lot of information and was very easy to follow. I attended a soap making class earlier this year and I left feeling as if I couldn't make any soap on my own at home. After taking your class I have all the information and knowledge I need to make quality soap. 

5. Anything else you'd like to let others know about the class? The class is loads of fun and hands on. I highly recommend your class to anyone interesting in just learning how soap is made or who might want to make soap for their home as a hobby or if they want to turn it into a business. 

PS - I love my serum that we made, I’m definitely going to have to make more when I run out because its amazing, Sheena and Alysssa love theirs too, we all use it daily!
— Megan, July 2018, Facial Serum & Lotion Making Class
Thanks again Lindsay. It was fun and our soap turned out great!
We had the best time! It was like hanging out with a friend :)
— Matt & Haley, June 2018, Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class
Thank you so much - I owe my new love of soap making to you, thank you for taking the time to create a class and teach this art, I absolutely love it.
— Suzanne, June 2018, Multiple Classes
Thanks so much for a wonderfully helpful class!!...
Thank you for the great education and confidence to go for it! Can’t wait for more classes.
— Cassie, June 2018, Beginner's Cold & Hot Process Soap Workshop
We enjoyed the classes very much. They were very informative and you made it really fun!...
Thank you for teaching the classes, Lindsay! I don’t think there’s anything like what you do around here, and it was really wonderful. Thanks so much for the help; we’ll definitely continue to be in touch.
— Hyerim & Dion, May 2018, Multiple Classes

Review from Annie on 5/10/2018

- Beginner's Cold Process & Liquid Soap Workshop + Lip Balm & Lotion Add-ons

I took the cold process soap making, lotion, and lip balm courses with Lindsay. Lindsay is very patience and a natural at teaching.  I enjoyed her class and thought that she had explained everything in a simple way where beginners can understand everything clearly. During the class she's very attentive and helpful. She also answers all of my questions to the best of her knowledge. I like how the class is small and intimate, that way there is more face time with the instructor. The courses were so fun, I can't wait to take her Advance soap making class next!

Review from Katherine on 4/3/2018

- Natural Lotion Making Class + Lip Balm & Face/Body Scrub Add-ons


I took a body lotion, lip balm, face/body scrub with Lindsay. I got so much more information than I expected when I took the class. I ended up making body lotion PLUS sun screen and cleanser on top of lip balm & face and body scrub. 

She made tables for list of oils, butters and etc that explain which oil is best for what type of skins (acne, sensitive skin, oily/dry skin), the vitamin contents of each oil, which oil is good for wrinkle, sunburn and etc. She surely spent lots of researching hours to compile these tables.

I happen to live outside Long Beach and I'm super duper happy to have found this class during my trip to Long Beach. If I had lived in Long Beach, I surely have taken her other classes too.

Lindsay is very informative & cheerful. She's open to answering all of your questions, even those questions that are not related to the class program.  Her class size is small. She let me made all of the products by myself and let me decide which oils and butters to use. One recipe is divided into 2 products and you can choose what products you want to make.

Overall, she's a knowledgeable teacher who really understands the chemist and science of soap and beauty products. It's really worth it taking her class and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her!! It's worth every penny and your time! 

Review from Nanci on 3/1/2018

- Beginner's & Advanced Cold Process Soap Workshop

Thank you so much!! i LOVEDDDDDDD the class and meeting you and it was so great!  Everything!!...

1. How was your experience?  Was the class what you expected? I loved it - it was so comfortable and informative and better than I expected!

2. What did you like best about the class? I liked the help and details in my questions ahead of time, very kind and thorough. I loved the hands on and the help - I loved everything!! :)

3. What did you like least about the class?  What would you change about the class? Didn't not like anything and I thought it was perfect!

4. Did you learn anything new?  Was it informative? I learned a lot of NEW stuff - tons of things like ice cube method and what you can use to make soap, etc It was very informative!

5. Anything else you'd like to let others know about the class? I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone wanting to do more than basic soap making. It was so fun and helpful and informative - and clear instructions with great resources, etc. I loved it!

Review from Whitney on 2/20/2018

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class + Lip Balm Making Add-on

Lindsay is a wonderful teacher and made 'Cold Process Soap Making' and 'Lip Balm Making' relaxed and fun. It's clear how much time and care she's put into designing her classes. Lindsay's not just interested in showing students how to make soap and other homemade products, but in instilling understanding of the science and technique involved. We were provided with detailed written information to supplement the hands-on learning experience, and it's been really helpful having this information for reference after leaving the class. I learned so much from Lindsay and highly recommend her classes to anyone interested.

Review from Jeff on 1/3/2018

- Beginner's & Advanced Cold Process Soap Workshop

For my wife and her twin sister's birthday, my brother-in-law and I decided to surprise our wives with a soap making class. My wife adores soaps and has been so interested in learning how to make soaps on her own that we knew this would be a great time. We were not disappointed. Lindsay's class was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable and educating experiences we had in 2017. Her knowledge of the soap making process as well as her kind and patient demeanor were so enjoyable. We took the beginner class first to get the basics down and once we became master soap makers (with her guidance) we started the advance soap making class where we got to travel into the world of different fats and scents. The atmosphere in her studio was so peaceful and she even put out great brownies and olives for us to snack on while she educated us on the history of soap making. Our soaps still have about 1 more week to cure before they are ready for use, but they smell so fantastic and we can't wait to try them out. I can't recommend Lindsay and her class enough. She also teaches classes on liquid soap, candles and bath bombs---all of which we'll try some time. Thanks again for a wonderful experience Lindsay!  

Review from Kyle on 12/16/2017

- Beginner's & Advanced Cold Process Soap Workshop + Hot Process Soap Making

One of the most remarkable classes I've ever taken. Lindsay was hands-on and accommodating and her love for soap-making was very apparent. She consistently checked in to find out if I had any questions and made sure we were on the same page throughout the entire process. She had all the curriculum and materials very well-organized and easy to follow. She made safety a priority when handling the lye by providing the proper protective gear. She was funny, creative, knowledgable and full of awesome energy! I was super impressed. Not only is Lindsay a great instructor, but a great person as well. If you want to learn professional soap-making, this is the place to do it.

Review from Brandi on 10/20/2017

- Beginner's & Advanced Cold Process Soap Workshop

Yesterday I took the beginners & advanced soap making classes. Let me just say this class was perfect! I have watched a million videos on YouTube explaining how to make cold processed soap but I was so scared to actually do it on my own. Well this class definitely put an end to that. Lindsay was kind and patient. She answered all of my questions and really took her time . The class was small (only two students) which i loved. If you are thinking about taking one of her classes just do it! You will not regret it!

Review from Brenda on 7/30/2017

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class + Lip Balm Making Add-on

Lindsay is an outstanding teacher and host (yummy cookies and snacks!). She made the soap making process in general, including the chemistry and the math (which could be daunting to some) most interesting and understandable. I had never made soap before and was a little nervous about using lye - but never fear, Lindsay will teach you to respect it.  We had such fun in our class and I loved the small group learning environment. What a great way to learn, make new friends and learn a very cool skill.   Lindsay is so knowledgable, with a great personality, and making the soap was incredibly fun. I am looking forward to taking her other classes.  Thank you for a amazing day, Lindsay!

Review from Zach on 7/5/2017

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class

My girlfriend and I chose to do the cold process class because it seemed like the best place to start. The class was absolutely everything I was hoping it would be. Lindsay runs the class from her beautiful home and even set out snacks for us. I’m a hobbyist and enjoy learning the history, background and details of my hobbies. This class did not disappoint. I was thrilled to learn how soap making works and all the possibilities that come with the activity. Lindsey was very good about being clear and checking in for understanding and questions. My girlfriend chose a recipe for a softer soap and mine was focused on a bit more cleansing properties. Both our soaps came out looking and smelling great. We’ve already started making soap at home and have utilized all the handouts given to us in this class for supplies and recipes. Lindsey was an absolute delight and we’re already thinking about taking a more advanced class so I can learn how to use milk and beer etc. I would and already have recommended this class to anyone looking to learn soap making. The location is on the coast in long beach so it also just makes for an overall fun day before and after soap making. 

Review from Alyse on 4/24/2017

- Beeswax Candle Making Class

Lindsay is an amazing teacher and candlemaker. My girlfriends and I walked into the class not really knowing what to expect and left with a wealth of knowledge. Lindsay makes candle-making fun. She is very thorough and open to questions and commentary. In my mind, the best way to learn a craft is actually doing it. Lindsay allows her students to be hands on the entire time! My friends and I were curious about adding scents to beeswax candles, and although we weren't able to, Lindsay informed us on how to do so. I was so impressed by her that I am seriously considering taking her soap-making class! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Lindsay! 

Review from Adriane on 4/8/2017

- Soap Workshop: Cold & Hot Process (later took my Advanced Soap Making Class on 4/18)

I took Lindsay's Cold and Hot Processed class April 6th and it was so worth it. I was the only student this particular day so that left a lot of time for me to ask questions and get all her attention, lol. She made using the soap calculator so easy and detailed and she made sure I was comfortable before we moved on... it was so worth it because it's really what makes you a pro soap maker if you are considering this as a career. By the time we got to the soap making part it was fairly smooth. This class was everything I hoped for and more. I will definitely be back to take the advance soap making class. BTW Lindsay is a really nice lady, too!

Review from Clarissa on 4/24/2017

- Private Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class

I attended a private Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class, I absolutely loved it! Lindsay is so sweet and welcoming. I was nervous about making soap  but with all the information Lindsay shared, and after walking me through the entire process I gained the confidence I needed to just go with it and not feel intimidated. I enjoyed learning the history of soap making and the chemistry behind it. I honestly think what I really liked was learning how to formulate recipes, being able to customize a product to your liking or needs is awesome. With that being said, I cant wait to attend the advance soap making class soon!

Review from Mari on 3/25/2017

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class

Took Lindsay's CP beginners soap making class and I absolutely loved it! She was very nice, patient and welcoming. Lindsay was great at explaining the history and science behind soap. Her class was very informative and most importantly fun! :)  She walked us through the process step by step . Definitely made soap making less intimidating for me. I highly recommend her class! 

Review from Sonia on 3/26/2017

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class + Face Wash Making Add-on

My experience in Lindsay's Beginners Soap making class was very exciting and so insightful! Her teaching was very informative and she created a space that made me feel relaxed and comfortable to learn in. I really enjoyed the organized set up and being able to create some products to take home. I also added on her face wash making class, which was also very exciting. Lindsay was such an insightful and passionate teacher that gave me the confidence to take what I learned in her class into my own home. 

Review from Desiree on 1/22/2017

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class + Lip Balm Making Add-on

I took Lindsay's CP soap making and lip balm class and she was great!  What I liked about her is that she thoroughly explains the science behind everything and is very patient.  She makes you feel very comfortable in her home so don't be too intimidated by the fact the classes are at someone's house; it was very easy to find and had a great view!  I learned a lot and she answered all of my questions.  She makes soap making less intimidating with her style of teaching; she's very straightforward and professional, and her prices are very reasonable.  I highly recommend her classes!

Review from Ruth on 1/3/2017

- Natural Lotion Making Class + Lip Balm Making Add-on

Wish I could give Lindsay 10 stars!  This class was a gift (and a perfect one!) and I had never used Verlocal before so had lots of questions.  Lindsay was extremely responsive, professional, courteous, warm and helpful every step of the way.  Even provided detailed parking instructions for her class and met us outside the parking structure to let us in when she learned the gate was not working properly.  What incredible service!  She added a lip balm class (so I could bribe my husband to attend with me...)  Her class was informative and hands-on for just the two of us.  We each went home with personalized luscious body lotion and creamy lip balm.  Lindsay's "class" area in her kitchen/family room looked just like an impeccably clean mini-science lab when we walked in.  Fabulous! She is moving to DC soon, so CA will miss her energy and delightfully upbeat personality.  Thanks very much, Lindsay!!

2 Reviews from Sue on 10/5 & 13/2016

- Soap Making Workshop: Cold & Hot Process (10/5)

Lindsay is a very knowledgeable and thorough instructor. Not only will you have fun taking the class, but you will learn a lot about soapmaking and the chemistry behind it. Lindsay is upbeat and makes this a very fun class. 

- Natural Lotion & Face/Body Wash Making Class (10/13)

This is my second class with Lindsay. This was as awesome as the first one! I highly recommend this class. And you will leave with homemade products you can use and enjoy!

Review from Leslie on 10/26/2016

- Natural Lotion & Face/Body Wash Making Class

My host Lindsay was ahhhmazing.  I didn't quite know what to expect; however I remained open to whatever information that was to be shared.  She is a kind person and a walking wealth of information which makes her PERFECT FOR EDUCATING OTHERS.

I have no regrets in sharing a few hours of my Sunday with such a phenomenal woman!
I learned a great deal about making Lotion & Body Wash and can hardly wait to sign up for another class with Lindsay!
((TWO thumbs up))

Review from Michelle on 8/17/2016

- Natural Lotion Making Class

Lindsay has a great bubbly personality which puts you at ease the moment you meet her.  A bit of education on lotion making and it's hands on from there.  I was able to make 8 oz of lavender lotion in cute silver bottles.  Lindsay supplies everything!  A great class that you will enjoy!! 

Review from Gena on 5/5/2016

- Beeswax Candle Making Class & Lip Balm Making Add-on

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have found Lindsay! She is absolutely remarkable and very informative! She made the class feel so simple and rewarding. Chemistry isn't my cup of tea, however Lindsay's teaching style encouraged me to not be hesitant toward the subject. She lives an organic, chemical free lifestyle, which is wonderful as I, too believe in a chemical free atmosphere. I highly recommend Lindsay!

Review from Susan on 4/10/2016

- Beeswax Candle Making Class + Lip Balm Making Add-on

Lindsay is a wonderful teacher! I had an awesome time talking to her and learning to make candles. She makes it super easy and answered all my questions. I also added the Lip Balm class since she had the time. Again, she had everything needed and teaches in a super easy way.

Review from Tara on 2/13/2016

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class

This was my first soap making class and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I took the beginner's cold process soap making class. Lindsay had all the materials available in her home to get everything started. She was very welcoming and I immediately felt at home. The space was very clean, there was a beautiful view, and there were some yummy snacks. Lindsay is a really great teacher, and truly passionate about natural and organic products. She was well prepared,  knew so much about soap making, and was completely open to answer all of my questions. I really enjoyed learning the science behind soap making and using a soap calculator to determine different soap recipes. I had no idea that so much thought goes into soap making and how creative you can truly get with it!  Overall, the class was very informative as well as engaging! I truly enjoyed my time and I'm looking forward to more natural product making classes with Lindsay!

Review from Mailene on 2/10/2016

- Beginner's Hot Process Soap Making Class & Liquid Soap Making Class

I took the Hot Process Soap making as well as the Liquid Soap making class with Lindsay. I had the best time learning the whole process. Because this was my first time soap making, I really appreciate the insight on the history and chemistry of soap making as well as the handouts Lindsay provided. Lindsay is very through in explaining the soap making process and the soap making calculator. She also provides safety gears and opens the windows and patio door for ventilation when working with lye. After discussing the type of soap I would like to make, we picked out a recipe to work with and worked on making the soaps I wanted. The whole process was very easy and not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Lindsay is a great teacher as well as a wonderful hostess. I learned a lot in the short time we had. I look forward in taking more of her classes!!

Review from Angela on 1/23/2016

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class

I loved the experience. Lindsay was an incredible teacher. She was very engaging, friendly and her passion was contagious. It definitely went beyond expectations.  The location alone was so breathtaking. Overall the experience was more than amazing.  I loved understanding the science and process behind soap making. And learning about the different ingredients and their benefits. It's very fascinating.  Can't think of anything negative about the class.  I would love to go to a whole day candle, soap, lotion, lip balm, etc making thing though if there ever is one! That would be fun!  Everything was new and informative. I was happy to learn from Lindsay. She's a great teacher.  Prepare to fall in love with soap making and Lindsay's awesome energy and space!

Review from Teal & Michael on 1/16/2016

- Beeswax Candle Making Class

We had so much fun making candles last week.  We love our candles and can't wait to make more.  

1. How was your experience?  Was the class what you expected? The class was very organized- we had everything we needed to learn how to make candles including some yummy snacks.  Exceeded expectations.
2. What did you like best about the class? Making the candles and being able to take them home and enjoy.
3. What did you like least about the class?  What would you change about the class? The class was perfect- would not change a thing... except maybe make more candles :-)
4. Did you learn anything new?  Was it informative? We learned so much and came away with confidence that we could make candles on our own. 
5. Anything else you'd like to let others know about the class?  The class was fun, informative and productive.  Lindsay makes newbies feel at ease and did a great job explaining the steps.  Highly recommend.

Review from Carol on 12/1/2015

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class

1. How was your experience?  Was the class what you expected?  The class exceeded my expectations in many ways. Lindsay was very well prepared not only with the equipment and ingredients needed for soap-making, but also with background literature. She had nice, color printouts for me to take home with tons of useful information. She let me take my time reading the material and patiently answered all my questions, which I think I had quite a few.
2. What did you like best about the class?  The hands-on experience under Lindsay's expert guidance. As a beginner, it can be intimidating handling lye and mixing many different ingredients all at once and it's not something I would have probably done on my own. However, I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process because Lindsay makes it easy and intuitive. Seeing the beautiful soap I created at the end of the class was very rewarding and encouraging.
3. What did you like least about the class?  What would you change about the class?  I would not change anything about the class because I thought it was great and I learned a lot.
4. Did you learn anything new?  Was it informative?  Absolutely! Besides learning how to mix the right ingredients to get different variations of soap, I learned that most (if not all) commercial body bar soaps are not even soap but detergent! As someone who tries hard to stick to natural and organic products whenever possible, I thought that was extremely informative. 
I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone interested in learning about soap-making.

Review from Priya on 1/19/2016

- Natural Lotion Making Class + Lip Balm Making Add-on

1. How was your experience?  Was the class what you expected?
I loved my experience and the class exceeded my expectations. 

2. What did you like best about the class?
Sometimes after I've taken I class, I'll get home and realize that I don't feel comfortable doing whatever it was I learned on my own without instruction. I didn't feel that way at all after this class. I'm confident that I could make lotions and lip balms by myself because Lindsay provided such detailed instructions and she let me do everything on my own during the class. 

3. What did you like least about the class?  What would you change about the class?
Nothing at all - it was great!

4. Did you learn anything new?  Was it informative?
Definitely! I feel comfortable with making lotions and lip balm on my own now. I also think she did a really great job of pointing out some of the safety hazards to be aware of working making these products - which I think is very important to be aware of when working with essentials oils. 

5. Anything else you'd like to let others know about the class?
If you're uncomfortable with the idea of taking the class in her home - don't be! Lindsay makes the space comfortable and clean and the ocean view is really nice and relaxing. She's warm and welcoming, so it will feel just like visiting a good friend. Also, she has a great tea collection and serves some killer snacks. :)

Review from Carla on 11/5/2015

- Beginner's Cold Process Soap Making Class

1. How was your experience?  Was the class what you expected?  Lindsay exceeded my expectations, actually.  She was completely prepared with gear, materials and a teaching plan.  Lindsay took the time to make sure I was comfortable with the material before we moved on to a different topic about soap making.  She was extremely knowledgeable about her subject matter and a "natural" at teaching.

2. What did you like best about the class?  I personally liked the that we took time to understand all the science, tools and precautionary steps, and what to do if an accident were to happen.  For me that was reassuring. 

3. What did you like least about the class? What would you change about the class?  I would say that it would be okay to let your students participate in the clean up or at least the pre-clean stage. (Will do!  Now students can have the option to help with clean up, if they want, because some may want that experience too.  -Lindsay)

4. Did you learn anything new?  Was it informative?  Everything was new and all the information was informative! 

Reviews for Blue Dot Organics

(my previous natural-products business in San Francisco - find out more on my Teacher Bio

5 Stars on Yelp

Yelp Reviews from 2/22/14

Lindsay is an excellent, thoughtful teacher.  I went with my husband and another couple of friends.  We had a lot of fun, her class is very organized...She adapted the class to whatever we wanted, and was a general joy to learn from...Don't miss out, go check out her classes!

On the day of the workshop...I headed over to the location and met Lindsay upon arrival.  She was very friendly and welcoming so I felt right at home! Her place is very organized and she had everything prepared for the workshop...The way Lindsay wrote out the instructions and took the time to go over each process, really made the project simple and fun. She also provides the information of buyers and really encourages making these products on your own.  I was really happy about my product...and could not wait to use it! 

Yelp Review from 6/22/14

The class was above and beyond of what I had imagined.  She is a very thorough instructor, describing every step of the process and providing the instructions to take home...The chap stick is the best I have ever used!

Yelp Review from 7/23/14

The class was the most fun I've had in a while!  Lindsay is really sweet and informative.  I really enjoyed the personalized attention and the lip balm recipe was absolutely AMAZING (says a lip balm addict)!

Yelp Review from 2/15/14

Lindsay was very responsive on email and was able to adapt the class to be exactly what we wanted at a very reasonable cost.  The class was very informative and included all the supplies...We also were able to make a half dozen beeswax lip balms. Lindsay provides all the supplies--as well as some delicious snacks--and equipment so you basically show up and have fun for three hours and walk away with an awesome collection of goodies.

Lindsay has a very laid back, friendly style and is a great teacher. I've even been able to email her since taking the class when I've had questions about making candles at home.

I would definitely recommend Lindsay as a teacher and think her classes are a great fun way to learn a new craft.

Yelp Review from 6/23/14

Lindsay was extremely knowledgeable about the science and research behind different organic products, ingredients and processes.  She shared her experiences related to different projects and experiments she has completed over the years with her natural products, which was extremely informative and I believe will help to minimize the amount of trial-and-error I will need to do--I was able to learn from her experiments.  Lindsay was intentional and informative about every step...Lindsay provided a thorough handout with all of the information, which will be extremely helpful moving forward as I adventure into creating my own products.  I attend DIY workshops frequently and usually don't feel confident enough to actually continue on my own with the crafts and trades that I start in class...She answered every question I had in detail and went over safety measures, especially related to working with and heating oils and essential oils.  While the class was extremely informative, I didn't feel bombarded with new information and the tone was very relaxed.  Lindsay is also extremely kind, personable, and approachable, which made the class an even better experience.