Learn how to make your own personal-care products with Lindsay in Long Beach, CA!

Hi, my name is Lindsay.  I am the former owner of Blue Dot Organics based out of San Francisco.  I taught a variety of large-group classes in the making of soap, candles, lotion, lip balm and various other body and household natural products.  I closed this business in the fall of 2014 and traveled abroad with my husband.  We returned to Pacifica, California in the fall of 2015 and I began teaching again, but on a smaller scale until May of 2016.  My husband was offered a job in Long Beach; so since July of 2016, I have been offering private classes, as well as semi-private classes on my online calendar, for up to 3 people per class in downtown Long Beach.  You can enjoy an informative, fun class tailored to you in a relaxed atmosphere.

My Soap Making & Teaching Background:

I have been making & learning about natural, body-care products since 2012, when I took my first soap-making class with my sister-in-law in Quincy, Massachusetts.  It was so fun that I immediately moved on to lotion, candles, bath bombs & more!  I had been a teacher long before learning how to make natural products though, so when I moved to San Francisco in 2013, I decided to mesh my 2 specialty areas and open Blue Dot Organics.  I have taught in various capacities ever since I graduated with a Bachelor's in Education in 2006, but I prefer the small-group setting for a more personal experience and so you can get the most out of the class!  I hope to meet you soon!