Lindsay's Class Calendar

Flexible Scheduling:

- Contact Lindsay if you do not find a class that you can attend. 

- More than half of my classes are scheduled by email or over the phone.

Discounts (Contact Lindsay):

- For making multiple products

- For groups of 2 or more

General Class Information:

  • Very small class sizes!  Classes are for up to 3 per class (contact Lindsay if there are more than 3 in your party).  You can feel comfortable to ask all of your questions and then go home ready to try out your new skill!  

  • Available every day of the week!  Book a class on the online calendar or contact Lindsay to set up your class.

  • 100% hands-on!  Make the products yourself; you won't watch, you'll do.

  • Customize your products!   I supply the recipes & ingredients, and you choose which work best for you.

  • Bring nothing!  Everything is provided in the class (except fragrances), as well as snacks & tea.

  • It's all in the details!  Take home a thorough, detailed instructional handout with recipes, ingredients, materials list, suppliers & more.

  • Go home with a starter kit!  If you'd like to continue your new hobby right away, I offer all of the ingredients for sale, and I buy everything in bulk and can offer very cheap prices to help get you started.  Sometimes it's tough to wait for your ingredients to arrive in the mail!