Supplies for Sale

Soap, lotion, body butter, face/body wash, face/body scrub, face mask/cleansing grains, candle, lip balm & bath bomb making supplies are available.  I buy in bulk and offer most ingredients to help you get started with your new hobby or business. 

By appointment only.


  • More or less of the following quantities can be purchased

  • Discounts are available for larger purchases 

  • Available for pick up or shipping (shipping cost is not included in the following prices)



(used in most products like liquid & bar soap, lotion & body butters, scrubs, lip balm, bath bombs & face/body wash)

Argan nut oil - $12.00 for 8 fl oz

Castor oil - $3.50 for 8 fl oz

Coconut oil, extra virgin - $3.50 for 8 oz

Grapeseed oil - $4.50 for 8 fl oz

Jojoba oil - $11.00 for 8 fl oz

Lanolin - $8.00 for 8 oz

Raspberry seed oil - $4.50/oz



(Only sold in 2-pound containers)

KOH (Potassium Hydroxide for liquid soap) - $11 for 2 lbs

NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide for bar soap) - $11 for 2 lbs



(in pellets; used in candles, lotion, salves & lip balms)

Beeswax, yellow (for candles & lip balm) - $7.50/lb (16 oz)



(used mostly for soaps, scrubs & bath bombs)

Epsom, medium grain - $2.50/lb (16 oz)



(used in most products like liquid & bar soap, lotion & body butters, bath bombs & face/body wash)

Lemongrass water - $7.00 for 8 fl oz

Peppermint water - $7.00 for 8 fl oz

Rose water - $10.00 for 8 fl oz



(used mostly for face mask/cleansing grains, bar soap, scrubs & bath bombs)

Acerola cherry, powder - $0.10/gram

Activated charcoal, powder - $2.50/oz

Cinnamon sticks - $0.50/oz

Chamomile, dried pieces - $2.00/oz

Cobalt blue, mica pigment powder - $2.00/oz

French green clay, powder - $1.50/oz

Green tea extract, powder - $0.15/gram

Lavender, mica pigment powder - $3.00/oz

Lavender, dried pieces - $2.00/oz

Madder root, powder - $4.00/oz

Rose clay, powder - $1.50/oz

Rose petals, dried pieces - $1.25/oz

Sea buckthorn extract, powder - $0.30/gram

Strawberry extract, powder - $0.20/gram

White willow bark extract, powder - $0.20/gram



(used for liquid & bar soap, lotion & body butters, scrubs, lip balm, bath bombs, face/body wash &/or candles)

1% Phenolphthalein in ethanol solution (pH tester for soap making) - $1.50/oz

Aloe vera liquid - $4.00 for 8 fl oz

Baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) - $0.15/oz or $2.50/lb (16 oz)

Bentonite clay - $1.50/oz

Candle containers, various - $0.75 each

Colloidal oatmeal - $2.00/oz

Citric acid - $0.25/oz or $4.00/lb (16 oz)

Glycerin - $0.50/oz

Hyaluronic Acid - $2.00/gram

Jojoba beads, white, large - $5.00/oz

Lip balm tubes - $0.40/tube

Lip butter pots (daisy-shaped & round) - $1.00/pot

Liquid crothix (thicken liquid soap) - $2.50/oz

Polysorbate 20 (emulsify essential oils in water/water-based liquids) - $1.50/oz

Polysorbate 80 (disperse carrier/natural oils in water) - $1.00/oz

Silk amino acids - $5.00/oz

Soap making molds (individual-size bars; roses, sunflowers, rectangles, circles, etc.) - $12 for each set

Sodium lactate (harden bar soap) - $1.00/oz

Tea light empty containers, plastic - $0.10/container

Wicks, square braid (for candle making; various sizes) - $0.50/foot

Witch hazel (no alcohol) - $0.75/oz or $6.00 for 8 fl oz